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  1. I no … @SaomiSnMtrtyr I no longer have a shred of faith in THEIR system. You can spend all the time and money you want filing a lwasuit but all the recalcitrant judge has to do is rule that your suit is frivolous and there you are with your dick in your hand. Honestly? I don’t know what it’s going to take. I know one thing for absolutely sure however’ the solution is not going to come from within the system. The only thing I can imagine that might get some traction is a class action lawsuit filed… +2Was this answer helpful?
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  4. What do you think this government will be remembered for? Getting someone good in the UN.No really what scares me about this govt are the erosion of civil rights like losing the right to remain silent, the search and surveillance bill etc. I can't wait till I can afford to leave and it is all I work and save for. Her
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  15. Actually, Jean Dujardin lost... friday night at the César Awards while Bérénice Béjo won! I'm pretty surprised to see Drive coming back empty handed, after the reactions about it's snub on the Oscars.
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  33. Seniors shouldn’t complain, since we are trying to maintain things they borrowed from our future to build. The problem is we have probably built more than we can afford to maintain in the long run. Perpetual growth is not realistic. Things that simply ARE efficient, should be funded, such as public transit and higher density infill neighbourhoods. In Europe a bungalow with a large backyard is a luxury, transit is a necessity, and walking is part of daily life.That is where we will end up as well; foresight means planning in that direction.
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  55. anonymous at 1:58.That is untrue. Dallas moved to Southlake not because of a new stadium but because HSG did not want to pay for the Cotton Bowl again. Naperville was used for the EXACT same reason the Wizards need to find a temporary facility, because Soldier Field was unavialable due to renovations.
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  93. Show me one country in Europe that is summoning its people to honor its past, its institutions and its flag.These sort of actions are on the verge of being outlawed in EU some provinces (that's what they are now thanks to Lisbon; provinces, not countries). It's "racist". Any leader or public figure who makes such a call inevitably gets called a nazi, a fascist and a racist, and then their career usually ends or spirals in to ignominy.That's how bad it is.I'm starting to wonder if you might be on to something wrt russia...
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  102. Moose #23 – I could argue strongly that the builder who made the top offer is a sucker. Even if he builds off the existing foundation, the 3000 square foot house he will build will cost him at least $300,000 to build. Add into the equation commission on the sale, soft costs and debt service. Anticipated value of the new construction home is between $750 – $800,000. Do the math. When you add it all up it equals SUCKER.For a buyer intending to live in the property the purchase price represents market value.
  103. Strickland’s endorsement means nothing in this race. Even if you buy into the last poll, which is questionable, I don’t think anybody’s ever come up with results that show him leading in southwest Ohio.
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  118. i hope to be going to aberfoyle next weekend and definitely going to christie in may. another canuck here (the falls). i love your house. we're in the process of doing a million things to our 80-year-old place. current project: removing all of the original trim, sanding, and re-staining. estimated time of project: forever!!
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  125. Personally I am a big fan of campaign sets and suchlike diversions from the normal “line up and charge” style battles. I wrote one of the old campaign packs with Tuomas, and ran linked series of battle reports in White Dwarf when I was Editor because that’s where I think you find the pinnacle of gaming. Telling a memorable story is what it should be about IMO. Tragically, campaign packs are widely seen within the industry as products with poor sales and limited life; hence they are rarely produced. When I think of a way to invert this perception I’ll let you know.
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